Tonight is the owners meeting of the company I work for. This one was called to decide the termination of contract of my boss, who was suspended for a while now. And to find a way to further finance the thing for a year or so. Someone will have to shake the money tree. And do it well. Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone having earned the trust of the owners. It is a big and inhomogenous group to deal with. Some 500 odd people most of which can not fully comprehend, what it is, they are deciding. For example, they are deciding, whether some 30 people will be out of a job soon. If I count the heads depending on that employment, I come to around 80 people. Also, they’ll have to decide, whether they’ll want to write off an investment worth around 8b €. It shall be another interesting day at work. And a very long day. I do not expect to be back home any earlier than one or two in the morning.

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