bam – all’s different again

Wham bam, all’s different again after yesterdays owner’s meeting. The boss stays in charge until further notice or better put: until the survival of the company is somehow secured. No one else wanted to take the joyride seat, and understandably so. He has about four weeks to produce figures that will stand an audit. Then he has to inform the owners about a remedial design which was introduced in rough outlines yesterday by someone who might be willing to invest money if the thing stands a chance at all. Along with all that, our difficult situation as staff remains the same if it isn’t going to worsen. It has gone worse already, actually, today. The boss guy came back to office, from which he was banned for a while now. Giving us a little speech, in which he was ventilating his anger about the actual or assumed disloyalty toward him in the last three months, threatening us with on-the-spot firing and calling for teamwork to get through the rough times, funnily enough all at the same time. Oh, and did I mention that there is no more money to pay us? That is all very motivating, won’t you agree. I do care a lot about my place of employment, after all I’ve been there three times as long as this young hotshot sinking it now. But what has happened during the last one and a half year is prone to make me quite indifferent about a place I used to describe as “my baby”.

pearl jam, Indifference