slip sliding away

Well, this week I felt like slip sliding away. Somehow I found it hard to notice, let alone appreciate the beauties of nature, of music and human company. Maybe Paul Simon is right, after all:
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin away

Paul Simon, Slip slidin away


But I was rescued, once again. First by noticing my beautiful sorroundings. And then by a fellow human. Thank you for the unexpected visit, the time you must have spent with mulling over my present problem, your suggestions on how to approach the situation further. And thank you for the lair offered in your arms.

Bonnie Raitt

Seems, I’m on my way to slip slidin away again. Different meaning implied, this time…


3 thoughts on “slip sliding away

  1. There is a landslide here. Caused by a heavy rain storm.

    What a coincident, this morning I was listining to Simon and Garfunkels Bright Eyes from Fate for Breakfast Album.


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