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Got it now, I think. What this Christmas thing is about. Rarely ever had a nicer evening than last night. Spent with two old ladies, both well over eighty and my love, of course. Chit chat running back and forth while we “kids” decorated the tree, beautifully set dinner table, three course meal – a joint effort of mother and son – followed by an hour or so admiring the gifts received. Another sip of wine, the conversation flowing smoothly. Also present: the long dead father of the family, still mentioned lovingly. The term “merry” was filled with meaning. Not the merry ado I know from early morning scottish christmasses with all the loud excitement about it, but a more quiet and thankful way of appreciating each others company. Plus, it was not about the religious cause, more an evening to mark and express what often gets overlooked in daily life: that one cares, hence the thought everyone put into finding the right present. Even for me, a complete stranger. Am now proud owner of a much needed second pair of reading glasses plus lots of nice smelling toiletries. And my sweetheart reconquered his bathrobe, giving me a beautiful new one I already feel cosy in. But the best present I got later in the evening, even though it is just an idea expressed, that most likely never will come to fruition. Adopting a child.

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  1. *schluchz* ich schreib datt mal in deutsch: freut mich, das irgendwas irgendwie angekommen ist.
    die schrägsten weihnachtskugeln gab es dieses jahr m.e. nach bei hema. nur so als tip für 2010…:>>


    1. thx. but overwhelming to live through. am still flabbergasted. actually, am looking for some ropes or the like to tie me back in reality again.


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