it’s just a jump to the left

Amazing, how your perspective can change, all of a sudden. An idea, uttered, and your whole perception shifts. Life once again carries the exact same glistening promises it used to carry when you were young and didn’t know about being denied things or denying yourself things. Didn’t know about the fact that choices made may restrict your opportunities in other areas. That you can’t have it all. Best thing about now is: dreams taste better when you are aware of the fact that they just may stay what they are, merely dreams. But its nice to have them again. Like a time warp, really: it’s just a jump to the left and three steps to the right. Then put your hands on your hips. Let’s do the time warp again…

Time warp, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

2 thoughts on “it’s just a jump to the left

  1. …yep: …and bring your knees in tight… ach, das waren noch zeiten: verkleidet x-mal zur rhps movie party und dann kleinstadtshocken bis in die puppen.


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