bridge week

Ok, this years bridge week started. Originally I was going to play yesterday, on Wednesday and next Saturday. As my regular partner is off to South America for the whole month. But now a friend and his bridge partner came to Berlin to visit just for this occasion. As he was lacking a team, they talked me into playing also Tuesday and Thursday with them. Together with another guy from our club I have never played with. Shall be a roller-coaster ride. There was only an opening left in the master level group at such short notice. Ha, the master group! Each and everyone there playing the game for at least 20 odd years. On federal and even international level. And one of the visitors started to play bridge just a couple of months ago. Plus, yesterday, the lady I played with and I came in last. Not exactly a great start to the week. We’ve got two chances: slim and fuck all. But not to worry. It’s all about participating, isn’t it?