mixed emotions

My sweetheart had to bury a friend yesterday. Skiing accident. I met this friend twice, a sportive man of fifty something, headmaster of a school, father of a family. I only recall that he had a way of twinkling that expressed lots of humour. As I didn’t really know that man, I didn’t accompany my sweetheart to the obsequies but played in the bridge league with my team, instead. And lost the fight. In the late afternoon I received a SMS from one of my friends with more bad news. He’s just arrived in Perth, W.A., as his father is dying. Numerous brain tumors and lung cancer. My friend’s dad was a very impressive gentleman and for me it’s hard to imagine him now, wasting away. I wish there was something substantial, I could do or say to console my love and my friend in the face of such final events. Despite all this, my sweetheart and I managed to have a nice evening, somehow. Maybe this is the only answer. Making the best of the present.

Mixed emotions, The Rolling Stones