perfect day

Yesterday my sweetheart shooed me off the settee to venture out. And what a good idea that was. We visited Mauerpark. It is so romantic to stroll around, hand in hand like a teenage couple. Listening to street musicians playing away. Sipping hot coffee against the cold. Watching the crowd enjoying their Sunday afternoon. Later we dropped by the bridge league venue to find out how my team was doing. They won their fight fair and square. Doing better when I am not participating, it seems. Thats fine with me. While I waited for them to finish up, I watched a volleyball competition at the big gym also at the sports center where the bridge league takes place. Three courts in the one gym. Lots of fans on the sides, cheering their team. The best match played at the front court. All the players amateurs but visibly enjoying the game. One team even featured their own jerseys, each player with a fake sports name printed on his/her back: “Prince of Persia”, “Master Yoda”, “Fräuleinwunder”
It was a perfect day.

Rob Longstaff @ Mauerpark, Berlin

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  1. ja, mit seinen getapeden, weil verbrannten Fingern. Spielt am 17.03. im Quasimodo (Kantstraße, ab 21:30 glaub ich). Wenn nix dazwischenkommt, gehen wir hin. Vielleicht sieht man sich ja…


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