About one and a half years ago, someone from my extended family went missing in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica. I mentioned it briefly here, because it obviously bothered my cousin a lot. Now half the truth is out, my cousin’s dad was murdered. A heavy rainfall caused the mortal remains to be unearthed. At this point, it is certain, that he and also a visiting friend have been murdered. Beaten to death most likely. In his own home. Dragged to a hill close by, thrown into a not too deep hole and covered up. Weird, one and a half years ago, none of the officials could be bothered to test the blood found in the house, to check the DNA. Just to give my cousin a clearer picture. But now they did with the bones. At least now there is an end to guessing. But also to hope.
My poor cousin. His dad was a nice guy. Plus now, being the only child, he will have to organize the burial, I guess. And find a way to get rid of the land and house there. His dad’s brother will help him along with all the sorry duties, I hope.

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  1. : /

    man, what a bummer. trying to be pragmatic about it, when after two months the possible abduction was very unlikely—

    an end to guessing & having to support/provide rent for, that other half of the house – hmm.

    at least some degree of certainty. :/


    1. yeah, it’s a bad thing to happen. what winds me up is the police doing nothing until interpol now made them do their job. my cousin said, as it is next to impossible to find a buyer for land and house from so far away, he is likely to deed both to the indian reservation located nearby. we’ll see, how that developes. as of now, the officials haven’t cleared the remains for burial yet. and he’s not yet fully informed about how much cost and red tape is involved to have his dad brought home.


      1. maybe the police are slobs over there or something like this happens with some regularity & more often than is known to the public.

        one secretly hopes Dexter would make house-calls outside the Miami-area.

        hmm still much too real for me to grasp.


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