work or sick

As if my body would always wait for some time off work to let me know it doesn’t feel well. For months now, or so it seems, I always feel kind of sick whenever I get some time off. As soon as I’m back at work, I seem to forget about whatever bothered me the day before: sore back, migrane, cold, you name it. For instance, yesterday I woke up to a soaring headache. After a couple of hours of waiting, then some painkillers, then some puking and shivering, I fell asleep late and worn out. This morning I still felt weak and slightly sick to my stomack but as soon as I got busy, every ailment vanished. Untill just now. As I wind down after 12 hrs of toiling, the same weakness seeps in that was there first thing in the morning. Maybe it would be best to just keep on working perpetually. Would that make me feel allright always? Or is it just the other way round? Whenever I get some room to recharge, all the maintenance curcuits start to fuse, warning me to take better care of my coachwork?

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