another recommendation

There exists a mini TV series called Entweder Broder. Henryk M. Broder, a journalist of Jewish – Polish origins and according wit and Hamed Abdel Samad, an Egyptian Muslim, son of an Imam, who pleads for the islamic world to learn from the Enlightenment. None the less his humor is finespun. I like his intellect a lot. Those two protagonists, accompanied by dog Wilma, take a tour of Germany and surrounding areas they call Safari, in a spraypainted piece of junk called Kurt. I think, this series will reach cult status pretty soon. Here is a taste, enjoy.

2 thoughts on “another recommendation

  1. ^^ Kriegsnobelpreisträger – ich schmeiss’ mich weg.

    beim Ende kam mir kurz appeasement scheitern in der Vergangenheit in denn Sinn und die wohl auch aus Kostengründen betriebene, gescheiterte “Deeskalations”gebaren zu Demos & Sportveranstaltungen…


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