Sunday matinée

Horrendous news these days. Someone running riot in Norway, shooting kids. Amy Winehouse dead. And also painter Lucian Freud died. As his name suggests, his roots are Austrian. His young years connected with Brandenburg. His work much about human flesh. Not the glorifying of beauty but the documentation of how things are. He painted people, fat, old, pregnant people. Including himself, showing the process of aging. Exhibit A: Lucian Freud, the gambler. I do hope, that at the point in future, when aliens will find nothing more about humanity but some documents left, his paintings will still be around.




click=source, Lucian Freud

Francis Bacon - Portrait of Lucian Freud on Orange Couch 1965
click=source, Portrait of Lucian Freud on orange couch by Francis Bacon

8 thoughts on “Sunday matinée

  1. liking the fat lady, there is a face I m familiar w/ from my railroad-travels ^^

    Horrible news about Amy and the bombing/shootings. learned on vent that it was spun in US media outlets into a killingspree vs elites thingy. havent heard about any of that so its most likely spin and overindulgence in narrative rather than fact.

    *sigh* Mr Freud aged well into his 80’s, and now ppl are saying maintenance of bodies will see the next 150yr old ppl being born in this generation.

    I m not asking: Where’s the fun in that?—- but sure am thinking it.


    1. for me fun is not fathomable. am not fifty yet and things get harder by the minute. maybe a little maintenance problem I’ve gotten myself into?
      I am not so sure about the fat lady. didn’t like it at all at first sight but it was more tolerable than some other paintings of LF. In the end, I decided to post it after all. As nothing’s really over untill the fat lady sings…


      1. ^^ fat lady’s left leg appears to be too thin for the angle we re forced to look at her 😉
        + I could never sleep w/ my torso’s weight on top of that arm.

        her facial expression does not suggest that she is a very jovial person, when awake.

        hmm thx 4 putting it up though 😉


      2. I think he got it right with her left leg. it’s just that the fat pouches of it slipped back and now hang – out of our sight – back down behind the right leg next to her behind. (I do have some expertise in such matters although I don’t have many mirrors for a reason 🙂 )


      3. Could be, if her left leg worked like a push up bra for the right leg’s fatty tissue. I still think seeing how the hip area is bound to be the heaviest part and more prone to sinking into the cushion, that we are being tricked, that the angle at which we look onto the couch is conflicted with the angle in which her hip is balanced on the couch. unless she got loads of pillows in her back for support as to not roll over I very much doubt an unconcious body would lay for long in that position w/o movement & pain-

        but then we got the hugging arm for support overextended behind her spine.
        having had reached 125kg in my prime of fattso freereign I m highly suspicious of the physics portrayed actually working in real life 😛


      4. first of all I think the sleeping impression is a fake, he just was not so good at painting lively facial expressions, eyes lacking most. you’re dead right about the pillows – am sure there are some in her back to support her. second, the hip is not the weight hot-spot, not the worst, anyway. more the protruding paunch, I guess. and she features fine bingo-wings (the flaps underneath the armpits). in my humble opinion, he got her arm too short. normally, ones fingertips reach lower than the middle of ones upper thighs, when standing up. and don’t you fish for sympathy here, I’m constantly at war with what my scale reports 😉


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