Sunday Matinée

As one starts to look deeper into any field of art, one discovers an endless chain of great works. For now, it is basic geometric forms in painting, such as stripes, squares and grids. But what also caught my attention, is, that the artwork I chose was solely done by female artists so far. Might be a coincidence, but I doubt that. Maybe those ladies just created, what my female eye finds beautiful. Same happened for this week’s Sunday entry.


Please meet Mrs. Tracey Adams, who says about her work:
My lifelong interests – including music, science, mathematics and art – are constantly being woven and re-woven into my paintings and works on paper. Because of my background as a musician and conductor I have a strong feeling for musical metaphors and serial systems. My interest in music is especially present both in terms of the visual intervals and patterns that appear in my work; physical engagement and a sense of performance is always part of my studio practice. I am drawn to intersections: ideas that might seem to be at opposite ends of a continuum, like the organic and the geometric, are brought together in my work. My starting points vary: they can come from something personal, something glimpsed or from my experience of a piece of music. (…) Each work and each series is a kind of diary of my explorations. My ideas evolve as I apply my intellect, my sense of order and my sense of play to the images and materials at hand. I do start with a kernel of an idea in mind, but somewhere between intention and chance I always find new energies and new directions.
This Lady is a trained musician and conductor and brings a new angle to my own understanding of music, talking about musical metaphhors and serial systems. I know nothing about the structures behind music, I just gladly listen and enjoy the emotions evoked. But I have read about the maths of music before. If the universal languages of both maths and music look as nice as Mrs. Adams paintings, I’m missing out on something. I am glad, she translates some of it to my eye…













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