Two sights evoke an exquisite feeling within me.
A feeling, that holds all love extended to others, oneself and the world sum total. Describing something at the very base of ones own goodwill towards life itself. Despite all pains and losses suffered. And for all the good times had. A feeling of coming home to finally, finally arrive again, where one is whole. Simultaneously feeling sad for what was left behind, the price paid for the joy of this moment.
Now, I don’t know, if you can fathom, what I am trying to describe here. But I guess, you know the feeling itself. Emotional wiring in humans can’t differ that much. Maybe in your case you feel something similar at different times, certainly at different locations and of course for different personal reasons. But I guess, you’re able to grasp the hang of what I am trying to say.
Funnily, both sights are driveby views. One is a green sign on the roadside, backed by a glorious mountain view, announcing arrival in Styria. I have caught myself singing “Hallo Berge” to myself aloud at such moments (being all by myself in my car, that is).


And the other one is the West Berlin radio tower approach via Avus motorway into Charlottenburg. Hallo Berlin!


Just like muscle memory, emotional memory kicks in. Give me the sight, I feel it. In an instant. Weird. Toggling back and forth between two selves, almost. But always glad being both…

5 thoughts on “toggle

  1. Love this one. You capture the emotions perfectly. It reminds me of my own toggling. I only “go home” once every two years, so I stay for five weeks and at the end of them I “go home” again.

    (Wanted to include my own toggle picture here, but can’t figure out how to do it.)


    1. I knew, you’d understand instantly. Am not so sure about non-expats, though. Saw your pic, too. 🙂

      btw, never tried to include a picture in a comment, either. But I guess, one just has to upload the pic’s code in a “write” field and then copy and paste the code here. Will try it right here with a “Lilly in my plants” pic. Let me know, if it works…


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