First thing happening yesterday at work was a gentleman opening the door for me, wishing me all the best to “my” holiday. I was surprised. What was he implying? Was he being sarcastic, seeing me starting my Sunday at work, whereas he was on his way to a sunny round of golf? I doubted it, as I knew this man to be generally friendly and very pleasant. During the day, several others, males all of them, said something to the same effect, until one customer spelled it out for me: Happy International Women’s Day!

Oh, that’s what all this was about! Well, I recall faintly having heard, something like this exists. What it is good for, I don’t really know. I don’t want a holiday (at least not one I have to work on) for being a woman.

What I really abhore, is entire fields of economy, mainly having to do with maintenance, care and education, being underpayed, undervalued and flouted. I want equal rights, chances, power and pay for women. Actually, I don’t want this to be a topic anymore at all. There should be just humans, some male, some female and maybe even some somewhere in-between, that’s it. I don’t think, declaring a celebratory women’s day helps getting there. In the work environment here in Germany, a female quota is much more effective, I have come to believe. And elsewhere, I hope, the sheer number of better educated and qualified girls worldwide will shift things slowly.


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