Golfing season is about to start. Thus my spare time dwindles away to next to nothing again. I fear, the good times of having enough leeway to reflect on things and come up with a few lines each day are gone. At least for a while. The urgent again crowding out the important.
Although I’m busy with fun stuff. Redecorating the restaurant walls. Planning frame-sizes and spacings, choosing images.
Now that everything is on paper, tomorrow I’m off to buy the frames and get the photographs printed. It shall take me all evening to frame and hang the pics. Having everything ready on Sunday for this seasons opening. Just hope it turns out as nice as I think it will be.

4 thoughts on “planning

  1. I see you got my message. Thanks for the fix.
    And I am sure your restaurant is going to be lovely.
    And I am going to steal “the urgent again crowding out the important”.


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