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What does one do, right after returning home from a long day at work? Right, browsing blogs of friends. Too shot to sh… to write something oneself, one indulges in output of co-bloggers. And what did I happen upon?

A clip on the latest entry on the Gänsefett & Mondlandschaften blog of mightyschmeid, that took my breath away. An interview with a guy providing a platform for people, who would have been called “IM”s around here (standing for informal employee of the Ministry of State Security in the former GDR). Have a look and listen for yourself:

I don’t have the faintest idea, whether this interview is a joke or fake, but the way it goes is fantastic. Standing up in a flak and shrewd way against public stalking. If it were real (and I guess it is,) I’d just say “chapeau” to the intervieweress. And thanks to mightyschmeid for sharing this.

ps.: the reception of the alterations in our restaurant were just fab today! I’m all proud and beaming. Not only of my own little contribution to better atmosphere, but also of our new restaurant team, mastering 150 odd guests perfectly and dealing with everything to everyones liking. Despite the dishwasher conking out.

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  1. Congrats on your restaurant opening! I am not surprised at all about the rave reviews. (Does this place know what they have in you??) Post some pics please – I am curious about the artwork you chose.


  2. The clip is from a 3 season fictional programme made in the US called NEWSROOM, in an earlier episode said female newsanchor SPOILER had nekkid pictures of herself leaked / made public by an disgruntled douchbag ex-boyfriend after a bad break-up. As one can imagine potentially harmful for career and social life for at the time she covered serious financial advise programming at the top of the network.
    Also, the parentcompany was strongarming the newsdevision into adapting and submitting to – changes – any and all changes really – in order to gain popularity. said gentleman on the left developed the stalker gossip app mentioned in the clip with the backing of the higher ups at the parent company.

    talk about integrity.

    show has it’s moments, at times a bit preachy, at times working under assumptions that misjudge the world in my view – but thats alright.

    there is a 2nd clip – quiet outstanding from the same show, a gov official turns up with empirical data that is ignored at times hushed under the rug –

    “all proud and beaming.” 😉 *shakes fist at non-human dishwasher* ^^


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