Sunday Matinée

Please meet Mr. Hans Carl Finsen. A Dutch professor of German, he started to go public with his photographs after his retirement from the university. He focuses on minimalism. I like his pic from the Marx & Engels bronze in Berlin. And his still life of what I think is bathroom fittings…

marx-engels Hans Carl Finsen

Industrial still life Hans Carl Finsen

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. When I saw what you guessed to be bath fittings, I thought immeadiatly. Thats obviously Brian Blessed on the left and the opera star whos name I planned to look up – that was several half hours ago – I m sure to spell it wrongly since obviously a quick google search nobody least of all silly old me can be arse with / by? –
    here it goes:

    Mozarett Caballje

    there – I deserve any and all lip curdling and contemptuous snickering those “in the know” can muster



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