out of sync

My timing is a bit off this year, when it comes to gardening.

Having sown the first spring crop a while back in little pots, the radish and May turnips were coming up fine. When the tiny sprouts grew big enough to touch their “greenhouse” roof (a big Ikea see-through storage container sitting on the living room floor), it was time for them to go out into their patch in the garden. To make room for the salad plantlets, which needed to be pricked out of their seed pan and planted in their own pots until in turn they will be ready and big enough to go out into the wild.

This first shift changeover in my tiny plant production row took place roughly a week ago. Since then, the weather was: storm, hail, rain, very windy, snowfall (twice) and now morning frost the second day in a row.

Spring and I are out of sync this year. Although I have to say, the little radishes and turnips are real fighters, still holding their frozen ground. But not for much longer, if the season doesn’t catch up with my schedule soon.

3 thoughts on “out of sync

  1. PS. “schedule” – it is one of the very few words in the English language that starts the letter combination “sch” – and most of these are Germanic in origin. Other examples are “school” and “schizophrenic”.


  2. I don’t think it is you that is out of sync – this year is truly whacky. I looked back at all the past Easter celebrations in my photo albums over the years – in almost all of them, the sun is shining and we are all in short sleeves. I can’t remember the last time we were still heating the entire house in April.


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