full stop spring

I do apologise for taking a break here on blog. Last week was crazy. Why? Spring finally made it to Berlin last week.

That meant for everyone who ever heard of golf to come out and give it a try, it seemed. Plus, people must have stored up their urge to join our club for the first nice day of the year. On Friday, if you wanted to become a member, you had to queue outside my office for quite a while. Which is all nice for us. But of course people always think, they are the only ones around and very surprised to find themselves as part of a flock sharing the very same idea. I can understand that. Joining a golf club is not something, one does every day. Might be a little off-putting, having to stand in line with lots of others doing just the same.

And then, of course, I had to reign in my various gardening projects, due to bad weather, up until last week, too. Naturally, I spent every spare minute out in my little garden. Digging, moving earth, planting, seeding. And finally setting my earth worms free, too.

I have to say, my worm-farming project payed off really well over winter. All three boxes were full with worms of all sizes. Now, most of them are out in the wild and I hope, they will survive and have a good (and productive) live. They seemed lively enough, nozzling themselves underground instantly, wherever I put them in my garden. It was really interesting to see, how they used the balls, I made of moist newspaper, as their breeding cribs. The smaller quantities of paper, I had put into the boxes, lining the bottom and walls, were all eaten up. But in the bigger balls, I was advised to put in the earth, too, one or two huge worms had hidden away, seemingly watching over many tiny specimen. Maybe cellulose is their perfect kindergarten interior? I don’t know, but was happy to see, their population had easily quadrupled over the last months in my cellar. So the care I could provide was ok for them. I took a few worms out of every box, mixed them up and set up a new breeding farm. Just for the fun of it. One can’t have enough little helpers in the garden.

With all those garden activities and long working days, I never got round to even switch on my computer. Even the early morning waking up time, I usually spend with coffee and cigarettes in front of the screen, looking up what’s new and writing my blog, I’d rather spend looking out into my garden. Where the first tulips and violets bloom. And my two little peach trees are showing off, their tiny branches full with pink blossoms. Winter definitely lasted too long, this year.

4 thoughts on “full stop spring

  1. So nice to have my blog deprivation come to an end and glad to hear your absence was due to professional and gardening successes and not something yucky like the flu.

    Now tell me, why is it easier to forgive the worms than the golf club members for my sufferings?


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