We run a traditional sports team-tournament on Easter Mondays, called the Easter four-balls. As per usual, it fills up in no time, with a waiting list to enroll the event held for a maximum of 120 players. This is as many can be comfortably seated in our restaurant. And this tournament is followed by a joint dinner after the game. It is designed to be a social event, for fun and not for handicaps. So lots of elderly people participate. In this format, even the ones not able to walk a round any more can play, as the use of a golf cart is allowed.

Due to low temperatures this year, we (that is, the president, as it is a club event) decided yesterday, to start two hours later than scheduled and only play nine holes, to be followed by dinner. When I look out of the window, noticing the frost and remnants of the slight snowfall this night, with a maximum of 9°C predicted for today, this seems to be a great idea.

But not for six or so people, who found out yesterday afternoon, that the tournament was shortened, withdrawing from the event on short notice. I know, one can’t always please everybody, but the noise, those few made, was incredible. As if their Easter Holiday was completely ruined by losing out on nine holes. I suggested, they maybe play nine holes in the mornings by themselves, to later join the tournament. To not ruin the day for the elderly folks, who hardly would be able to play a full round in this weather. But no. I think, it was more about airing their grievances than anything else.

What get’s me most about it, is, how so few can make such a din, ruining everybody’s day. I’ll be able to find out soon, if the noise made last afternoon was just a vanguard to the majority or your usual spoilsports. Shall be an interesting day…

2 thoughts on “noise

  1. I could tell almost the exact same story. Just substitute “school” for “golf club” and “raft camp” for “tournament”. Change “members” to “parents”. Weather situation the same but change concern for the elderly to concern for the young. Replace “two days” to “two weeks” of nasty outrage over last minute changes due to Acts of God.

    Hope your situation simmers down faster than ours did. We are still talking about it. Two years later.


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