a first

Two years ago, my CEO suggested to not only work golf, but play some, too. So our head greenkeeper, he and I started to venture out early every Monday morning, to play nine holes prior to our team meeting scheduled for ten o’clock. To see the state of the golf courses, discuss staff issues and other topics we usually don’t share in the bigger forum of the team meeting, at the same time each hitting a ball around.

That meant for me to search my cellar for my golf clubs, hiding there somewhere, slowly rusting away. As I never really played golf at all. As weird as that may sound to you. The same was true for our head greenkeeper, who also hardly ever gets round to play. Not so our CEO. He is an ok amateur golfer. After a while, one of our sponsors also joined in on our early Monday attempt to play a little. Which was good for me. All of a sudden I wasn’t the only sports dyslexic in the group anymore. But despite my non-existant golf, I quite enjoyed getting out into fresh air at least once a week.

But our business being, what it always was, which is time consuming, we were hard pressed for the chunk of time, this little adventure cut out of our working day. So somehow, this one-season-only habit died. Last year we never made it out on the course once.

This brought our sponsor to start a little tournament series, consisting of ten nine-hole events to be played this year on Tuesday evenings. Of course, the founding group is set to participate for the entire season. Thus, I got to play in a golf tournament yesterday, for the first time ever. Needless to say, I came in last, barely making eight Stableford points on nine.

Despite this poor result, I had lot’s of fun. But I was surprised by the significant rise of my adrenaline level, standing on the first tee. My hands shook so bad, I wasn’t able to put the ball on its tee, so I had to hit it from the ground. There must be some sportive ambition hidden in a corner of myself, I never knew of before. And, of course, knowing the skill level, decent golf requires and also knowing how much time it takes to acquire any of it, I will disappoint myself. Nevertheless, I have my mind set on improving this year. Last spots on result-lists are not for me. Not at all.

2 thoughts on “a first

  1. Have to smile about your adrenaline rush and shaking hands. I went through the same at the few piano recitals I agreed to (and then was tricked into) playing at. In my case, I finally refused to go through it anymore – told my piano teacher I would only play if he arranged for a defibrilator to be standing by. Good for you for reacting with ambition!!

    As for your last entry. I reread it twice with the intention of responding. No words.


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