Last evening, I got compensated for the humiliation suffered, ranking last in a competition on Tuesday.

Once a year I attend a poker tournament held for the sponsors of Berlin’s handball team, as we are the official Füchse golf partners. About eighty representatives of companies or individuals sponsoring the team, along with the players and Füchse staff, gather at the casino for a networking get-together and poker tournament.

As my sweetheart loves card games in general – he is an expert bridge player competing on national level – he also is a very knowledgeable poker player and accompanies me on these occasions. Spending many a night in front of the computer screen playing, he usually has to show a nice amount of money transferred back to his account for his efforts. Whereas I rarely play. And if I do, I usally have to refill my account with Full Tilt Poker, because whatever funding was there, when I started out, is surely gone by the time I finish.

The only time I play at a real poker table, is this Füchse event. The first year, I chose the beginners table, set up for those wishing to learn how to play. The second year I thought to have grasped enough about the basic rules to not disgrace myself and participated in the tournament proper. Having a great night out, as I managed to finish on 36th place, whereas my sweetheart had to call it quits quite early, finishing somewhere in the nineties, if I remember correctly. Spending the rest of the evening watching those still at the tables, dousing his sorrow with one or two beers. Whereas in the end Silvio Heinevetter, the Füchse goalkeeper, won the tournament.

Last night, my goal was again to beat my sweetheart. With bridge, I stand no chance, as the luck factor doesn’t exist with bridge, it is all kowledge, skill, maths and experience. But with poker, as I have learned last year, I might get lucky with the hands dealt. And as long as I stay patient enough, to not gamble all away with some irrational action, I might be able to establish myself as the expert poker player in our little family of two. Despite the fact I have never earned a buck with the game.

And lucky I got. Although I was placed at Heinevetter’s table, who was determined to win again, I managed to stay in longer than him, this time. In the end finishing 32nd, losing with A 10 pairs against a royal flush. My opponent, Füchse defender Jesper Nielsen, holding the Queen, the flop showed J 10 x, the turn an ace (this was when I thought I had won), finally the river granted him a King and I was out.

But I still won, because my poor sweetheart got kicked out by a beginner Lady who got lucky with a very small hand. He finished 75th, winning a case of beer. Whereas I came home not only with a nice shopping voucher but also a very happy girl. Being THE expert poker player in the house. At least for the time being.