Sunday Matinée

This week, I’ve been sloppy with my blog once more. Reason being spring, again, making me spend every spare minute outside in the garden.

This week’s project: building a wall to reign in the scarp to the upper plane of the sloping terrace. The embankment consisted of slabs of stone leaned against the earth, so far. It was a typical make-shift solution of mine, using slabs, I had found underground (a leftover from the construction crew building the housing estate, I guess), to stabilise the dip, when I first started cultivating what little space I call garden now.

But the construction was not only a sore to the eye, it was also insufficient, giving way each spring, as the shrubs and the apple tree planted above grew bigger. A proper wall would do the trick, I thought. Consisting of hollow blocks of stones, three rows set back in steps against the slope. The hollows now filled with earth and already planted with flowers supposed to overhang later on.

It took more digging than anticipated, as there were three different declivities to be levelled out. Taking into account, that I also had to find the right size of stones, load them first at the shop and unload them again, my muscels have every right to be as sore as they are now. But it was worth it, everything looks as good as I had envisioned it.

Now I am looking forward to have my plants grow, making the wall disappear under a vertical carpet of blooms. So for this week, I choose flower paintings for the small dose of art on a Sunday morning, before I am off to work once more.

big red iteration Michael Pavoni

yellow flowers Barry Grose

gothic's garden Michael Soaries

red carnation Leora Baranes

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