wha gwan Jamaica

Mr. Obama goes viral in reggae circles, I just read. On April 9th, 2015 he addressed students at the University of the West Indies. Liking the vibe. Greeting the assembly with the locution “wha gwan Jamaica”, meaning something like “what’s goin on”, I learned.

Quote Matador Networks article on this incident:
“BARACK OBAMA visited Jamaica earlier this month. It was the first presidential visit to the country in 32 years, and Obama had a pretty packed schedule when he was there: He met with Caribbean leaders. He visited the Bob Marley museum. And he hung out with Usain Bolt.

But the thing we’ll remember, and the reason Obama’s Jamaica trip will go down in history as the coolest moment in his presidency, is what he said to a crowd of students at the University of the West Indies.”

And this presidential greeting is now the loop in many a dancehall piece of music. The best version so far, made by a certain DJILKKA, I’d like to share here. Listen in…