sunny it was

Wishing for something seemingly does help. Namely, if something randomly occurs, that one was wishing for. Like the sunshine, I was wishing for yesterday. There is no way to influence the weather on a certain day, but if one wished for it strongly, one can take a little credit, if it actually turns out the way one wanted it to be.

Yesterday was a great sunny day and I was convinced, we would have a successful public golf day at work, as soon as I saw the blue skies when I woke up in the morning. And so it was. The turnout was great with around 350 people coming out to see us and try golf for the first time. I hope all those people had as great a day as we had and will take good impressions about this sport and our premises home with them.

Even if they decide to not take up the sport at all or do so elsewhere, it will have been a big success, if each of them talks to only two more friends or acquaintances positively about golf, us, and how it was to try it out. Then we will have reached more than one thousand people in just one day with the best advertising there is: a personal, first hand experience and/or recommendation.

And I am sure, the newspaper sending out a journalist to take photographs and interview us, will also help. Can’t wait to see the article. But now it’s back to the office for me… No time to indulge any further. I have to find the extra time today, somehow, to file all the addresses collected yesterday, in order to thank everyone for their visit, inviting them to come again.

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