already answered

Coincidentally, on the very day I raised the topic of FIFA and its corrupt ways, as well as Germany’s part in it, Mr. Blatter announced his leave. And mightyschmeid provided me with links to articles already answering the questions I thought, nobody asks. They have been asked all along, but nobody in Germany really wanted to know the answer, it seems. Late at night, I heard the question asked and answered in a TV talkshow for the first time: “Was the corrupt FIFA system possibly initiated by Germans, namely by the owner of two big sports brands (ADIDAS and PUMA), who brought Blatter and his system into FIFA some thirty years ago?” The answer by a knowledgeable journalist went thus:”Yes, and more so, the FIFA system IS a German system.” There you have it. Corruption takes two to tango, one who pays and one who takes the bribe. To quote Jens Berger: “The Europeans (UEFA) are just as corrupt [as the FIFA], but they are more clever than others, far more expensive and more often the briber than the bribed.”

So, that’s it for me. Topic closed.