the question not asked

Huge uproar in Germany, THE soccer nation, reigning World Champion on top. FIFA and corruption charges connected with this organisation not stopping the assembly to reelect Sepp Blatter their president for the umpteenth time. Swiss police arresting six FIFA officals just days prior to the FIFA elections, suspected of corruption. The FBI wants the suspects in New York to charge them for alleged crimes, says the New York Times.

After this, there is no end to this topic here in Germany. Everone seems to know, that there was big money changing hands in connection with the appointment of the two countries hosting the upcoming next two Football World Championships: Russia and Qatar. And now the public discourse revolves around whether it is the FIFA itself being corrupt or just individuals from countries known for widespread corruption, happening to be part of the FIFA. And whether Germany should or should not boykott the upcoming Championships. Whether the UEFA or the German Football Association DFB should or should not leave FIFA. Whether a new, separate World Football Organisation should be formed or not, and if so, how it should be run.

But nobody asks the one, interesting question. The one that is so obvious for me, that the big, almost screaming silence really worries me. How much bribe money was paid to and by whom, when the World Championship was given to Germany in 2006? This huge soccer nation can not be part of such a corrupt system and be one of the leading nations in this sport, without getting their own hands dirty, or can they?

This question, not asked by the cohorts of investigative journalists and German/European soccer officals now bashing FIFA, is an answer in itself, don’t you think?

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