them gusts are pigs, too

Two days ago I planted 50 Euros worth of blooming larkspur and phlox, next to smaller flowers. Yesterday morning on my way to get the car, I saw, that over night the wind had snapped the long stems full of blossoms. My tomatoes have suffered, too, with branches broken off. All potato plants not propped up yet, have fallen flat. Once again, my garden looks like a mess.

2 thoughts on “them gusts are pigs, too

  1. Can you imagine the pigs being the good guys in this, temporarily seeking shelter in your patch until a wolf first threatened to – then did – in large parts blow the surroundings away after huffing and puffing ……. waaaaait a minute! ^^


    1. not really – your imagination runs riot đŸ˜‰
      I was just thinking, thank goodness, there are no bears around here…


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