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Today is the last day in a seeminlgy endless line of working days. It were but six, though. Including today. But as I am up, I consider it almost done. Just some ten or so hours to do until I get a day off. This time I really look forward to some rest. Last weekend we ran this year’s Club Championships. Two days full of excitement, great sports, a new course record set, 300 odd people watching the finals, some 250 litres of beer plus around 300 barbequed sausages served on the 18th green and two very long days at work. Topped by some technical problems to be solved on Monday in order to produce proper result lists.

I start to dislike the content of this post, as I am even boring myself. Just work, work, work. I am tired of it, in the truest sense of the phrase. High time this season comes to an end. Alas, there are two more months to go….

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  1. Never fear for that on account of your readers ^^ write about and shed what occupies much of your thoughts. ^^ I had a similar thought after a fall had me recupe, report and describe the way back, progress or lack thereof in improving the situation. Censored like that I stopped writing all together, seeing how thoughts and ideas were gravitating around one thing only. ^^

    Now an unhappy, at times cynically disillusioned beast samples aweful movies and sits in judgement of them, I fear to have become a troll of sorts. At least in that regard.

    Funny though, how unevenly the little available workload in this country is distributed, a great portion of the workforce is made to sit at home or circle in holding patterns, ready to fill a vacancy, the majority sweats and swears under too heavy a workload to be considered healthy, and while some thrive under pressure and stress – many don’t, rapidly age, get sick or incur illness.

    Lets have at it then, how goes that old adage for writers? ‘Write about what you know.’ ^^

    Oh by the way, this is the year I learned about tarragon as being vastly different from my guess at its used word in English, although I guess, seeing it now – a hearty facepalm is in order. Hearing it mentioned in conversation I never would have picked it to be ‘Estragon’. ^^ Also the pronouncing of ‘beta’ in English alluded me for years, mainly because of the little Latin and Greek I had and it’s impact – it still makes me laugh to hear it said by a native speaker – too much like a beetroot to be taken seriously.

    Thanks for allowing me to spam 😛 Have a great last day 🙂

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    1. oh, thanks. I feel better, reading that. You’re spot on about the Distribution on work. I read somewhere that duríng the last two decades workload for those in pay has tripled. And the rest is left behind. Seems not fair, somehow. Of course, economy squeezes now three times the productivity. Those providing it also providing funding for the rest via taxes, who have to be looked after somehow. I think. this is also unfair. On those not allowed to participate through their work as well as on those, who have to carry the load. Companies and capital really should be taxed equally as much as employees. So much for that.
      I really wish, you fell better and will feel better, too. What happened there? Injured badly?

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      1. It’s ridiculous, and a vicious circle if ever I saw one. Have money to lobby for tax breaks or tax- exempt status to make more money – that in turn is then invested for further lobbying or the purchase of a strawpuppetpolitician.
        Do you recall our current minister of finance at odds on how to explain briefcases of cash that couldnt be attributed to any one source but were handled by him and found in his possession and improperly handled, disappeared. (100000 DM Schreiber) That was in the mid ’90s, yet it is possible to dictate terms to a people 11 mio strong, forcing a great many into destitution – at times suicide, terms that Germany herself is breaking every year, e.g. exports …

        I must have mentioned it a while back, maybe it fell into the time of your writing-hiatus, I fell in a winter, overextending my knee to go beyond the point it usually stops at (say it’s regular range on an analog clock covers the 12-6 o clock range…. my knee went on to 7-8 o clock ^^), couldnt move very well for a while, muscles atrophied, cutting back the fabulous, heroic body I had *cough* to a potbellied stickfigure. Training to retain, regain and hold is tiresome and takes time. In the beginning impatience was setting me back some. I don’t like to dwell on it much anymore. It is what it is.

        Your point about the wageearning daylaborers bearing the brunt rings true, I recall my parents lamenting that point as well. The first generation building a house in my family. 😉 It was still possible for them to achieve a thing like that in their lifetime. ^^

        These days I m frustrated with people assuming blindly that what worked for them decades ago will work for others just the same today. I think you saw that poem I liked the other day (“Call us Worthless”) ❤ by that young Scottish woman. 'nuff said.^^

        Gonna start on preparing lunch, have a good one. 🙂

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      2. yeah, you right. Nobody is worthless, many are just excluded from the economy, as this hyaena wants to keep as much of the profit as possible. I often wonder, what for.

        As to your fabulous, heroic body 😉 – keep working at it. (while I sit here, letting mine go to pieces *cough*)

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