How to switch off “should”?

How to switch off this damn “should” in my head? I was so looking forward to having a day off work today with absolutely nothing on the agenda. Apparently, that doesn’t stop me from waking up early as I am used to it by now. And the first thought in my head is “I really should ….” – and off I was, getting my coffee. Now, five hours later, I realise, I have just worked another five hours. Even before I woke up properly, I started out again. It’s like a reflex.

Don’t get me wrong, the alterations on my workplaces’ website were overdue, I should have gotten the club championship results and all the pics on it on Monday already, but time was scarce and only enough for the much quicker Facebook site. Cropping and uploading all imagery, texting etc on our website proper was left out, but should have been done. Here we go: should again, twice in this paragraph only.

But this week is full of competitions and a rather big company event on Saturday, that needed my attention. Future events have to be planned, plus, plus,  blah, blah, blah. So, there you have it – whatever doesn’t fit into the working hours, I do at home, if possible. Albeit I did once promise myself, to separate spare time from working time, never taking work home. Which I usually keep to. Or so I thought. But now I realise, the cyber world snuggled itself into this without me noticing. So much work can be done at the computer at home, and is done. Thinking about it, I can’t even remember how many hours I spent over the last few years, updating our cyber channels from home. Come to think of it – most of this line of work I usually do at home, first thing in the morning. Never considered this working time by any means. Maybe I should start to report those hours as worktime, too.

Now, here “should” fits nicely, I think.

One thought on “How to switch off “should”?

  1. Today is your lucky day because I have the answer to your question. Really. I mean “really”. All you have to do is add that word to the “should” statements and they immediately switch off. Example: “I really should do the ironing.” or “I really should quit smoking.” or “I really should get some work done today.”

    See how well that works?

    By the way – about your last sentence – You REALLY TRULY SHOULD report those hours as worktime!

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