xante- what?

Today is just a half day of work for me. In the afternoon, I have to take my sweetheart to the hospital to have the first of two minor eye operations sceduled this week. He’ll have his xantelasmata removed. At the same time, they will correct his drooping lids. Today one side, on Wednesday the other.

If it were for me, he needn’t have this surgery. Given, the xantelasmata are ever growing but I don’t mind them. His doctor insists to do away with this bladders full of excess fat and proteins before replacing his second eye-lens, as they further the recurrence of cataracts. What I oppose, is the lid correction. But my sweetheart insists. If he is going to look like a Panda bear for two weeks, as was forecast, he’d like to have something to show for it, afterwards.

I have to make sure, I remember to take before and after pics. Just to have visual proof, in case I don’t like the outcome. After all, my sweetheart sees himself in the mirror maybe twice a day, but I look at him all the time…

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