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The universe of wordpress seems to suck me in. Instead of posting, I spend my scarce sparetime reading other peoples posts. After browsing through the Reader, there is no time left to gather my own thoughts anymore before I have to head off to work. And sometimes, I feel so inadequate, that I don’t even want to write anything anymore.

Quite different from my old blog platform, of Germany, wordpress is an endless source of interesting blogs and entries. Many of them done in such a professional way, I shy away from doing my own thing. Which is stupid. Maybe I should switch my routine from looking up the Reader first to posting something first and then look up the Reader. But I doubt, that I’ll be able to follow through with this. Curiosity will take over, I am certain.

And maybe, this is a distorted impression after all. Just because everything is new to me. Over time, my Reader might be weeded out again. Boiled down to a list of themes and bloggers, that I really like and admire. Or find helpful and inspring. We’ll see…

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  1. One also shouldnt fall for the trap to compare one’s writing to multiple people, who, for all you know might get payed to write up one awesome entry every other day/week/month and so they hone and work away at it all the time you spent working your job and getting back and forth… – then the sheer strength in numbers might overwhelm as well – also it is likely that besides the reader listings according to popular entries present just that – the top 5-10 of entries others deemed on point/spot on. ^^

    If writing has a cleansing function for your person – writing down to reflect/part with the most recent past / experiences / thoughts is a good enough reason in my book – to put off further stimulous by cramping in more experiences/ scanning the reader.



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