Sunday Matinée

Rarely I leave the arts department on this regular Sunday post on floatsome blog. The following is an in-betweener, I just found on designboom. I deem it worthwhile to be posted here. These photographs tell stories, that are overlooked by too many, still. They depict, what a refugee brings in his bag. All, that is left from a life left behind and a more than uncertain future to go to.

Quote designboom: “Wanting to give outsiders a glimpse at the daily lives and struggle of these displaced individuals, the international rescue committee, an organization that helps people whose livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster, have documented photos for the series ‘what’s in my bag?’, together with photographer Tyler Jump,”

This is, what a six-year old from Damascus brought in his bag: 1 pair of pants, 1 Shirt, a syringe for emergencies,
marshmallows and sweet cream (his favorite snacks), soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, bandages.

international-rescue-committee-refugees-my-bag-tyler-jump-designboom-01international - rescue - committee - tyler - jump - boy

This is, what a 20-year old mother of a baby brought:  hat for the baby, an assortment of medication, a bottle of sterile water, and a jar of baby Food, a small supply of napkins for diaper changes, a hat and a pair of socks for the baby, assortment of pain relievers, sunscreen and sunburn ointment, toothpaste, personal documents (including the baby’s vaccination history),
wallet (with photo ID and money), cell phone charger, yellow headband.

international - rescue - committee - tyler - jump - motherinternational - rescue - commitee - tyler - jump - mother

This is, what a family of 31 fleeing from Aleppo had left between them, when they arrived at the shores of Greece, after their boat began to sink and they lost all luggage but saved their lives: 1 shirt, 1 pair of Jeans, 1 pair of shoes, toiletries,1 diaper, 2 small cartons of milk and some biscuits, personal documents and money, sanitary pads, a comb.

international - rescue - committee - tyler - jump - Aleppo familyinternational - rescue - committee - tyler - jump - family