three days

All it takes: three days off work and one gets used to the good life. But it all ends now. Up since one hour, the clock ticks and I will have to return to my desk at work soon.

But the break was just the right lenght. To not worry during the last day already, readjusting back to work related thoughts. Do you know this feeling, whenever a holiday draws to its end? When it starts, the freedom stretches endlessly in front of you. Around half time, you start to notice, that the remainder is shorter than what you already enjoyed. During the last few days, there is a slight cast of sadness over everything you do. And the last day is the worst.

This morning, I have a miniature half hour of this “last day of any vacation” feeling. I know, that this will be over, as soon as I arrive at my desk to deal with whatever is awaiting me there. But right now, I am glad, my cute little cat is around, to comfort me, demanding her early morning petting.