Start of 2011 we moved into our clubhouse, after we finally bought the complex in 2009 and changed it over to fit the needs of a golf club. Before, it was merely an office building, we rented a part of. My office being the biggest and nicest room, save for the restaurant and public areas. And the coolest during summer, which evens out the disadvantage of being the only room offering decent storage space. Widely used by all and sundry. I am constantly sorting and clearing other people’s stuff. But this is just a side note.

Since we moved in, I wanted to make the very functional looking room nicer. Hanging pictures, for example. Maybe get a proper writing desk rather than the big conference table, which I use to this day. The hang up with it is, that all the wiring my computer, phone, printer, calculator etc requires, just hangs off its edges in plain and ugly sight. At the time we moved in, money was scarce, so I made sure to just use what we had to set my workplace up. Plus I had to take the big cabinets containing up to 1500 contracts. One can’t very well store them in public spaces and I need them handy too often, still, so the cellar was no option.

But with redecorating the restaurant start of this year, I managed to at least get some pictures on my walls.

Here is, what I look at opposite my desk, where the conference desk sits:

CH Nebel 30x30

ost früh 30x30

And here is what’s hung behind my desk on the long wall:



pin high