the dome

Every morning on my way to work, I go to church. It is a drive through dome, even an atheist like me can’t help to acknowledge.

dome 1

Sometimes, when my mind is busy with the day ahead or not yet awake, I might miss the fact, that I am actually going through the dome in my little car. But more often than not, I am very impressed by all that glory.  It is not so much a religious feeling, but more the feeling I get, when I step into any man-built dome with beautiful architecture, designed to make visitors feel humbled with sheer beauty. The sense of grandeur enclosing me.

On my way from Berlin Frohnau to the place I work at, I have to drive through this wood, the road lined with massive trees, the foliage closing in over the road. First you notice the relative darkness, looking for the structures of trunks, your gaze follows the lead branches, upward to where the foliage filters the light. Weather condition and time of day forever changing the look of the dome, it always remains beautiful. Even during the dark season in winter, when this stretch is the brightest, as all the leaves are gone. One gets a glimpse of the inherent structure, forming the base for glory during the growing period.  And when snow adorns the bare branches, the structure is highlighted with glitter.

As the wood presents itself right now, with all the leaves still on, almost on the brink of putting on its party dress of autumn colours, I feel protected, whenever I drive through it.

dome 2

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