As I am into garden stories these days, let me tell you about the beastly lichi tomato. I saw this plant in spring in a little pot and was curious. It looked much like any tomato plant, except for the tiny thorns on the stem. So I bought one plant to find out, if it would grow at all. The label read: origin South America. Keep on a sheltered, sunny space. Which I did.  Unfortunately I chose a spot I have to pass every time I enter the garden. The monster grew to two meters height, covered with countless thorns, not only on the stem but also on every single leaf. Cost me many a scratch, but the plant has been flowering for months and still is to this day on the tips of every sprout.


I am all curious, how the fruit will taste. The internet tells me, I am supposed to wait until they are a shiny red, right now the first fruits turn a bright orange. Despite its name, the fruit is supposed to taste like cherries.

lechee tomatoes

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