Sunday Matinée

Students at the HIT university in Israel were asked to rethink the pencil. Of this resulted various new  and “intriguing concepts like a tube pencil, a series of pencil brushes, a pencil dedicated to pattern making in fashion, a letter stamping pencil, and more.” says designboom. Thus, I happened upon the brush pencils, that impressed me most. Just imagine, how different and new graphite drawings could become, if these brush pencils caught on widely among artists.

Plus,  this also lead me to this week’s Sunday topic, which is, of course, graphite drawings, I like. You can find all of the artwork at Saatchi Art.



gr brush pencils
brush pencils by student Ofra Oberman


gr rainy days in ny maciej kuran
Rainy days in New York Maciej Kuran


gr on and off tim grosvenor
on and off Tim Grosvenor


gr swimmers nicola pucci
swimmer Nicola Pucci


gr landscape vytautas tomasevicius
landscape Vytautas Tomasevicius


gr memories antero guerra
memories Antero Guerra


gr bodegon andres layos
bodegon Andres Layos


gr box karoline kroisz
box Karoline Kroisz



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      1. been there, also to Rotto island and Freemantle. Actually, a former friend of mine resides there (Monique, she runs a pilates studio somewhere in Perth and used to be a dancer) and one of my best friend here in Berlin is from Perth and lives over here with his family.

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