Brr, the cold and the darkness. Winter is here.

But then again, I kind of like sitting here, early Monday morning. The only light being the bluish glow of the laptop screen. A howling wind outside throws iced rain against the windows, creating sounds as if someone threw little gravel stones against the glass. And I have two hours left to spend by myself, with my sweetheart still snoring away, until I have to take off to work. Feeling all warm and cozy, while I browse the reader here on wordpress. Glad to be inside in this weather. My little cat purring away on my lap. Even the animal prefers to stay inside and cuddle up now.

Until, all of a sudden, I think of all the people, who have to spend their time outside or in draughty tents. All the refugees from sunny countries now stuck in the winter of the North. The homeless. Or the people on Crimea, who have their houses still, but no energy to heat them or cook warm food. We actually have no idea, how priviledged we are.

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  1. That sort of morning sounds very familiar. But I loved the way you thought of all those people who are right now in the mud, the rain and wind, trying to keep warm. I was only reading a write up about this earlier, the situation is desperate! Wish we could do more.

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    1. Yes, you are right. At least here in my neighbourhood, we will have opportunity for action soon. In spring a couple of hundred refugees from Syria are to move in.

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