I am just about to take my sweetheart’s mum to the doctor’s to have her eye badge removed after her cataract has been lasered yesterday. She has lived with very bad and ever receding eyesight for years and was always too scared of an eye operation. After her son had his eyes successfully done this year, she agreed on treatment, too. And today is showtime!

I just hope, she will be happy with the results. It will enable her to enjoy her life for much longer. She gave up jigsaw puzzles, driving a car, reading and what not already for lack of sight. And now her favourite past time, playing bridge, was threatened, as she had trouble to differentiate the card symbols.

She is a tough lady defying the various effects of her 87 years of age very bravely. I hope very much, that this will give her back at least some quality of life.

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    1. Thank you. Unfortunately, all is not well. The bandages and eye badge loosened over night and scratched the eye. So she can see nothing for the time being. The doctor says it will heal off, she is to see him again, today.


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