no sight

Yesterday was a disaster. My sweetheart’s poor mum still can’t see a thing. Somehow, the bandage and eye-patch loosened and scratched the freshly operated eye over night, so when the doctor removed the badge, she still couldn’t see a thing. He says, this will heal over the next couple of days, but it still leaves her sitting at home, not able to do much. Having to apply drops and ointment to the eye every two hours. My sweetheart will have to take her to the doctor’s again today. And I have the sneaking suspicion, this will continue for a while.

She was so depressed yesterday and I felt so sorry for her. So I set out to cook her a real healthy beef broth, using celeriac root from my garden, oxtail, beef, bones, carrots, onions, all left to simmer for six hours. My sweetheart will bring it to her for lunch today and I hope it will make her feel better.

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  1. You really care about this woman – that is absolutely clear. And nice to hear. Life is so much better when there is love between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Which you two essentially are.

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