Santa mode

Maybe it was the unusual warm weather until recently, that kept me from acknowledging the time of year. But with the first snow, I get into Santa mode. Atheism notwithstanding, I am a Christmas junkie.

Last weekend all streets lit up in Christmas lights as is the custom here in Germany on the first Advent (Advent is the time spanning the four Sundays prior to Christmas, when a wrath is put up in every household, even in heathen ones, with four candles to be enkindled successively on each Sunday to count down the time. The children rhyme goes: first one, then two, then three, then four, then the christ-child is at your door…). This propelled me into a mild panic, as I have spent no thoughts on what to get everybody for Christmas, so far. The number of folks I gift is very limited, consisting of my sweetheart, his mum and his old aunt.

Plus, of course, my team at work, but here the gift consists more of an individual thank you letter to each of them, highlighting some personal achievement or special effort made during the year. With this comes their share of tips from customers, which I collect all year long to give for Christmas.

With the first week of Advent almost over, my panic grows, as I am at a loss for ideas this year. As I always am. Unless I stumble upon the perfect gift during the year by chance. Then I buy it and feel snug for the rest of the time. Didn’t happen this year, though.

I take this freaky feeling as an intrinsic part of the excitement. Hope it will trigger me into creativity.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out – I think it caused a tiny bump in my usually flat-lining statistics. And as for being an atheist who likes Christmas – that is perfectly okay. I mean – it was a heathen winter-solstice ritual before the Christians co-opted it. The celebration of lights right around the shortest darkest day of the year – who doesn’t need that?

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