aestheticism, trash bins and coffee

As circumstance and I now have a little dispute about aestheticism, trash bins and coffee, I have to make a few strong points in favour of weak coffee:

  1. Her coffee is indeed of colour, these days. I must admit, one can, at times, not make out the bottom of the cup. This occurs mainly, when black cups are used.
  2. Having said that, my capacity of dicernment became distorted, while my body slowly adjusted to her way of coffee brewery, a long time ago. So today, I prefer weak coffee, too.
  3. Main reason for this is, that I noticed (after the first shock of caffeine detox) one can spend all day having her coffee, without physical over-reactions such as heart failure. Which surely would have happened, had I stuck with the strenght of coffee I was used to have pre-circumstance. So all she did, was trying to save my life.
  4. Which brings me to my strongest point: all the quality time spent, sharing countless coffees with her. In fact, if I had to take a pick, I’d rather forego coffee for ever than not spend time with her.

2 thoughts on “aestheticism, trash bins and coffee

  1. Had to make up for my trash bin trashing comment, didn’t I?
    I have time off as such: 11.01-24.01, 15.02.-24.02 and 14.03-20.03.2016 this winter, so take your pick. Problem being sweetheart’s mum, who still can’t see anything, so we have to look after her (shopping, cooking, chauffeuring…), so I really don’t see January happen, yet Hope it gets better soon, so we can make plans for ourselves again.


  2. What a sweet post! I got the message about this post this morning with just the title and first line – I thought you were escalating our mock dispute and I spent the day formulating my facetious defenses for the garbage can and it’s inherent superiority over the cup . . . and here you go saying such nice things.
    Tell you what – bring the cup anyway when you come and I will give it a place of honor in our cupboard. Speaking of which – when might this visit be??


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