Another weird thing about domestic life are those corners of collection. Certain items of daily use tend to float around in ones living space miraculously, until they wash up in big numbers in certain corners.

In our case, such things are, for example, cigarrette lighters, reading glasses and pens. Whenever I need one of said items, I have to go look for them. Rarely are they at hand, when you need one. And at other times, surprisingly, I stumble upon nests of them. Just happened now. I came out of the shower, dried myself and noticed  a collection of maybe ten lighters, all huddled in a corner of the bathroom cupboard. How they got there, I can’t fathom, as neither one of us smokes in the bathroom. Ever. Now, one could come up with the argument, that they come out of various trouser pockets prior to washing. But this can’t be, because I always empty out pockets in the bedroom, where the laundry basket is located.

What tends to wash up right next to the laundry basket, though, are reading glasses. On my sweetheart’s bedside table. Both his and mine, which is also weird. As I need my glasses at the computer in the office or else in the living room, when reading something. That’s it.

And how the trillions of working or dried-up pens we own always get onto the board underneath the surface of our living room table completely eludes me. It seems, we have an entirely pen-free office. This might not come as such a surprise in this day and age of computed communications. But once in a while, I still need to take a handwritten note of something or other. At such times, I can never find a single working pen in the office, save for the precious fountain pens I got for my wedding long ago, still kept in their nice boxes and long dried up.

Lucky, that I now know, where the pens gather in our household. Although the mystery of how they get there, remains yet unsolved. Any ideas?

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