Sunday Matinée

Rounding up Star Wars week, here is a collection of paintings dealing with Outer Space, that I like. Painstakingly chosen out of a sum total of 1152 paintings on this topic on Saatchi Gallery.


st starship trooper H Schlagen
Starship Trooper H. Schlagen


st solar flare michael wheeler
Solar Flare Michael Wheeler


st Phobos Sven Reile
Phobos Sven Reile


st the infinite universe sean ward
The Infinite Universe Sean Ward


st Taikonaut Luis Pastor
Taikonaut Luis Pastor


ST First string Barbara Mink
First String Barbara Mink


st grandmas in outer space Maja Kobylinska
Grandmas in Outer Space Maja Kobylinska


st an infinite travel Irena Orlov
An Infinite Travel Irena Orlov


st the spaceman Reuven Wallck
The Spaceman Reuven Wallack


st space blu night sonia viccaro
Space Blu Night Sonia Viccaro


st cosmic sound cloud Veronica Gudmundson
Cosmic Sound Cloud Veronica Gudmundson




3 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. I liked First String and Solar Flare the best. They’re all lovely works of art. It’s good to do a thematic post in Star Wars week. I am trying to avoid the news because I think someone famous spoiled the movie. I hope you’ll enjoy a restful Sunday.

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