almost gluttony

I am going to explode. Just as well, today is the least daylight in the entire year, so very few will actually notice the mess, this explosion will cause. And it is not even Christmas yet.

Saturday night was our company X-mas feast, where we all enjoyed the wild boar that bothered us all year round. Eventually, it was shot and the hunter gave it to us to have it with dumplings and cabbage for our Christmas dinner. I have to say, the boar tasted excellent. Two more courses rounded up this great evening.

To be followed by yesterday’s four-course, festive Christmas dinner and reading, to which I took my sweetheart and his mum along. I had invited a nationally acclaimed gourmet and hotel reviewer, who frequently appears on TV jurys and holds a record in publishing books on the topic, to share some fun stories from his books with us. In order to get people to come to our restaurant. He and his wife are members of the golf club since years and really nice folks, otherwise, we would have stood no chance to get him for this event. For free. Of course, our chef was under big pressure, to match the occasion. Which he managed quite well. Save for the laquered duck, which was neither crispy nor too tender, but still tasted very good, everything went well. With the sweet, he outdid himself. Tonka bean parfait with gingerbread creme brulee, strawberry and paper-thin, see-through cookies. It was fabulous.

And the company was nice, too, as our head greenkeeper had also brought his mother along. So the two old ladies had good company, as did we all. Save for the over-saturation.  Some time in the near future I will have to start a serious diet.