I strongly recommend to rename the good old letterbox to litterbox.

It is amazing, how much junk is in it everyday. Usually, I empty it, whenever stuff sticks out of its front, which happens every four or so days. In the run for sales before Christmas, I am forced to do this daily, just to make room for more and stack 99% of the contents onto the waste paper pile.

All the retailers, who think, I’d decide to book a costly holiday or get a new car, settee, mobile phone contract or TV set on the spur of the moment and because I get their loud leaflet telling me to, are just running riot these days.

I feel sorry for the postmen and women, who have a hard time these days, anyways, with all the gifts sent to and fro. Why burden them with all this useless advertising on top?

Stop this nuisence and start spamming my e-mail inbox, as environmentally friendly retailers do. You’d  do me a personal favour, as I wouldn’t have to schlep tons of paper to the paper bin.

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