Mrs. President?

My sweetheart has made up his mind and sent off his CV yesterday. Thus, his “campaign” to become president of the German Bridge Association officially started.

Thruth is, when the current president made it clear start of this winter, that he wasn’t going to rerun for office next spring, my sweetheart was asked by the Advisory Board members, to run for the office. This body represents all regional Bridge Associations and elects the President and Committee, who in turn head the national association.

My sweetheart gave me a call, when he was first approached, to get my thoughts on this. I really was in two minds: if he takes on the (volunteer) job, he will be very busy and travel a lot. This obviously is going to subtract from our time budget and will restrict my personal comfort a lot. As my line of work already limits precious “couple time”. So far, my sweetheart’s engagement as President of Berlin and Eastern Counties Bridge Ass. and member of the above mentioned Advisory Board afforded not too much time, two weekends of travel per year, some meetings in Berlin, a couple of hours on the phone or computer. His work with our local bridge club (we both are members of the committee) I consider shared time, so this doesn’t count. On the other hand, he is the best man for the job. And it is something he would do really well. I am sure, he will also enjoy doing it. So, I have no business in being against it. To be fair, so far I was the only one limiting our time budget. He was the one always adjusting to my schedule.

However, during the last couple of weeks, whenever there were phonecalls to either urge him to run for office or enquire if he actually would take up the inoffical nomination and officially put his name down as candidate, he asked for some more time to consider it. He wanted to make sure, his mother is recovering from her eye surgery. Without sight, we both would have had to take care of her constantly. But luckily, she gradually picks up vision, so he is confident, that she will be ok eventually.

We discussed the topic again, and I stuck with my opinion. From my personal, egoistic point of view, I’d rather not have him doing it. From my point of view as a member of the German Bridge Ass. I am all for it.  So I left it up to him to decide. Which he did, yesterday. Asking me to read over his CV and application.

So, now he is a canditate. Obviously, there are others also running for it. But if nothing goes wrong, he will win.  The candidate of the advisory board usually is elected in the end. Anyways, the news have leaked all over Germany already, with people phoning in to see, if he would run, knowing, that if he agreed, it would be pointless to nominate or support anyone else. Word even got to our local bridge club, where people started to call me Mrs. President already. Made me rather uncomfortable, really.

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