amazingly busy

Seems, that I made a mistake, taking on Christmas time duty this year, letting my staff have their holidays. But who would have thought, it would be that busy at work.

Due to the warmest Christmas time we ever had in Berlin, both golf courses are crammed. Yesterday, one of the courses was closed for maintenance, and people were queueing up on the first tee of the other course. Some never got onto the course and had to head back home disappointed. They didn’t think it was neccessary to book tee off times at this time of year, but apparently, it was.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still manageable, because play is limited by short daylight hours. Still, I was reckoning to be able to prepare all the billing of club fees that I will start January 1st, while looking after the reception over the “quiet Christmas days”. So much for that fine plan gone out the window. There is no way I am able to properly check up the billing data of roughly 2.500 folks whith the counter buzzing like it was these days.

I’ll have to really start early and work long hours the next couple of days, locking myself in before and after opening hours, to catch up. Bummer.

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  1. I’ve had folks recently, who had so many “last” rounds, that they finally realized, that they were paying a Jahresbeitrag anyway and why is one of the courses closed, so they could not play EVERY day of the year….


  2. This “winter” has been so bizarre. There was a butterfly on my porch last week and my golf-fanatic mother-in-law played her 9th “last” round of the season yesterday. Hope things quiet down before the 14th! đŸ™‚

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